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John & Beth Garry

John and Beth have been in the real estate business for decades, with a combined 32 years of experience. John began a career in construction 25 years ago, where he worked as a builder and oversaw construction of homes from the ground up. This gave him extensive knowledge about what makes a quality home. Beth has experience in sales and knows how to ensure customer satisfaction. Uniting their areas of expertise makes them leading professionals in the real estate industry for the Chicago Suburbs.
The couple are fully committed to helping clients find the perfect home at the right price. John is an expert in identifying potential imperfections in the home, including plumbing and electrical systems. John is also allergic to mold. He can actually taste it when it is present in a home — a great benefit for his buyers as the “human mold detector”. Clients often joke that John and Beth make more work for themselves when they point out imperfections in a home.
John and Beth are invested in helping you whether you are buying or selling. Our expertise in selling homes will allow you to focus on your move while we handle the sale of your home. Our excellent marketing plan and top-notch negotiating skills will allow you to receive the most money for your home as well.
You can count on honesty and 24/7 support — we will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have throughout the biggest buying decision of your life. “Experience the Difference” of The John Garry team.

630-240-8085 – John

630-880-8085 – Beth